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Pen Spinning, also known as Pen Twirling, Pen Tricks, Pen Spin, Pen Twirl, Pen Juggling, is a hand sport that combines dexterity, concentration and finesse. Pen Spinning is widely popular in the world because it can train one's fine motor skills. In Asia, it's known as ペン回し, 轉筆, 펜돌리기. Some Beginner Pen Tricks can be learned in a matter of hours, while advanced Pen Spinning tricks can take months to master. There are at least 500 Pen Spinning Tricks and variations in existence. Pen Trick Combos can be made by linking individual Tricks in a sequence.

What's the Troposphere Pen Spinning Website about?

The Troposphere Pen Spinning Website is a celebration of Pen Spinning and the Troposphere we live in. You will find videos of Pen Tricks as well as articles on this subject. Don't forget to leave your comfort zone and try new things.

Photo for your Enjoyment: Fes, Morocco

About the Author of The Troposphere

Darren (nhk9)


Online Presence:

  • nhk_9 (Universal Pen Spinning Board | UPSB)

  • nhk9 pen spinning (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram)

  • ダーレン (Japanese PenSpinning circles)

Professional Pen Spinner Experience:

  • TV Commercial for a large multinational corporation in Europe (Germany)

  • Pen Spinning Demonstrator for a NASDAQ-listed toy company in USA

  • Interviewed/Covered by media in China/Hong Kong

Location: Canada

Pen Spin Endeavours: As the founder of the Pen Spinning Naming Committee at UPSB, I had assisted in the organization of English Pen Spinning nomenclature in use today. A few trick names from the Naming Committee include: ThumbAround, Devil's Sonic, Inverse Tricks, and many more.

I would occasionally develop Freestyle Combos. My latest projects include the making of a feature video, separate from the promotional videos.

Favourite Tricks: ThumbSpin 1.5 Normal, Backaround Normal

Favourite Combos: Inverse Sonic 1.5 to Continuous Fingerless ThumbSpin 1.5, NeoBak Fall, Continuous Backaround 1.5 Normal

Tricks learned: Most major variations of ThumbSpin, Infinity, Backaround, Sonic, Shadow, Charge families etc.

Most frequently used combination: Backaround 1.5 to Forward 1.5. The tricks that I practice less often are most FingerPass variations, i-Sonic, and two-handed tricks.

Favourite Conceptual Combo: Continuous BackRiser 2.0 Normal

Pen Spinning-related Vision: One day, Pen Spinning shall become an art that has a status equivalent, if not more than, of that of mainstream juggling.

Pen Spinning Around the World:

Pen Spinning is known as: Pen Twirling | Pen Twirl | Pen Spin | Pen Trick | Pen Tricks | Pen Juggling | Pen Moves | Pen Fidgeting | Pen Twiddling

English: Pen Spinning America/Pen Spinning USAEnglish: Pen Spinning UK/Pen Spinning EnglandEnglish: Pen Spinning Britain, Pen Spinning Scotland, Pen Spinning Ireland, Pen Spinning UKEnglish: Pen Spinning SingaporeEnglish: Pen Spinning South AfricaEnglish: Pen Spinning AustraliaEnglish: Pen Spinning CanadaEnglish: Pen Spinning New ZealandEnglish: Pen Spinning South Africa

International Pen Spinning:

Spanish: Pen Spinning SpainSpanish: Pen Spinning MexicoSpanish: Pen Spinning ArgentinaSpanish: Pen Spinning ColombiaFrench: Pen Spinning France: FPSBFrench: Pen Spinning BelgiumGreek: Pen Spinning GreeceDutch: Pen Spinning NetherlandsThai: Pen Spinning ThailandChinese language: Pen Spinning TaiwanChinese: Pen Spinning Hong KongChinese: Pen Spinning ChinaJapanese: Pen Spinning Japan: JEBKorean: Pen Spinning Korea: Namu WikiGerman: PenSpinning GermanyGerman: PenSpinning SwitzerlandIndonesian: Pen Spinning IndonesiaMalaysian: Pen Spinning MalaysiaTagalog: Pen Spinning PhilippinesPortuguese: Pen Spinning BrazilFarsi: Pen Spinning IranItalian: Pen Spinning ItalyUkrainian: Pen Spinning UkraineKazakh: PenSpinning KazakhstanSwahili: Pen Spinning AfricaTurkish language: Pen Spinning TurkeyHebrew: Pen Spinning IsraelCambodian: Pen Spinning CambodiaMongolian: PenSpinning MongoliaUrdu: Pen Spinning PakistanNorwegian: Pen Spinning NorwaySwedish: Pen Spinning SwedenDanish: Pen Spinning DenmarkHindi: Pen Spinning IndiaTamil: Pen Spinning IndiaBengali: Pen Spinning IndiaGujarati: Pen Spinning IndiaTelugu: Pen Spinning IndiaVietnamese language: Pen Spinning VietnamRussian: Pen Spinning RussiaArabic: Pen Spinning Saudi Arabia/KuwaitArabic: Pen Spinning Egypt/BahrainArabic: Pen Spinning UAE/OmanPolish: Pen Spinning Poland

International Pen Spinning:

Español: Girar Bolis EspañaEspañol: Girar Bolis MéxicoEspañol: Girar Boli ArgentinaEspañol: Girar Boli ColombiaFrançais: Penspinning France: FPSBFrançais: Penspinning BelgiqueΕλληνική: Pen Spinning ΕλλάδαNederlands: Pen Spinning Nederlandไทย: การควงปากกา中文:轉筆台灣中文:轉筆香港中文:转笔中国大陸日本語:ペン回し日本: JEB한국어: 펜돌리기한국: 나무위키 펜돌리기Deutsch: PenSpinning DeutschlandDeutsch: PenSpinning SchweizBahasa Indonesia: Pen Berputar IndonesiaBahasa Malaysia: Pen Spinning MalaysiaTagalog: Pen Spinning PilipinasPortuguês: Pen Spinning Brasilفارسی: قلم‌چرخانی ایرانItaliano: Pen Spinning ItaliaУкраїнський: Пенспиннинг УкраїнаҚазақ: Pen Spinning ҚазақстанKiswahili: Pen Spinning AfrikaTürk dili: Kalem çevirme Türkiyeעברית: פן ספינינג ישראלកម្ពុជា: ប៉ែនកម្ពុជារមូរМонгол: Пенспиннинг Монгол улсاردو: قلم پاکستان سپننگNorsk: PenSpinning NorgeSvenska: PenSpinning SverigeDansk: PenSpinning Danmarkहिन्दी: पेन स्पिनिंग भारतதமிழ்: பென் ஸ்பின்னிங் இந்தியா বাংলা: পেন স্পিনিং ভারতગુજરાતી: પેન સ્પિનિંગ ભારતతెలుగు: పెన్ భారతదేశం స్పిన్నింగ్ tiếng Việt: Pen Spinning Việt NamРоссии: Пенспиннинг Россияالعربية: برم القلم المملكة العربية السعودية /برم القلم الكويتالعربية: برم القلم مصر /برم القلم البحرينالعربية:برم القلم الإمارات العربية المتحدة /برم القلم سلطنة عمانPolski: Pen Spinning Polski

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