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Beginner Pen Spinning Tricks & Upper Beginner

Below, you will find visual Pen Spinning tutorials of the 4 Easy Pen tricks for beginners (Pen Spinning Sonic, Pen Spinning Charge, Pen Spinning FingerPass, Pen Spinning ThumbAround), as well as other upper beginner Pen Spinning Combos involving Infinity. Video Pen Spinning tutorials of combos are also present. You can check out all videos at my YouTube (nhk 9 Pen Spinning) Channel.

If you want to know "how to pen spin for beginners?", look below!

Pen: Zebra 3000*F

Simple Pen Spinning Tricks can be done with any pen. I use a pen that requires no modification (i.e. "pen mods" or "pen modding"). Pen Spinning is a beautiful hand sport because it can be done anywhere pens are found.

Photo for your Enjoyment: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Beginner Pen Twirling Tricks & Combos

4 Basic Tricks with PEN. Easy (Part 1)

Pen Spinning's Four Fundamental Tricks: Charge, Sonic, ThumbAround, FingerPass Reverse

4 Basic Tricks with PEN. (2)

4 more Basic Pen Spinning Tricks: Triangle Pass, Shadow, Thumb Charge, and Sonic 1.5 Normal

4 Basic PEN Tricks for beginners (3)

Backaround, Twisted Pass, Reverse 2.0 (unofficial name), and Spider Spin + SLOW MOTION

Easy Pen Trick: Triangle Pass

Done with three fingers

Simple Pen Trick: Half Taps

Easy Pen Spinning: Fingerless ThumbAround

Easy Pen Spinning Sonic (Devil Sonic)

The Troposphere Original Trick

Basic Pen Trick: Shadow

This trick is similar to Sonic, but you can easily do a continuous version of this.

Easy Pen Spinning FingerPass

This can also be done by drummers

Simple Pen Spinning Charge

This easy two-finger twirl usually requires a few hours to get right

Upper Beginner Pen Spinning Skills

Infinity Variation

Pen Spinning: Infinity is a popular trick

Inverse Double Infinity

First Video of this Trick on the Internet (Note: The name of this trick is Inverse, not Reverse as seen in the video)

Twisted Pass

Troposphere Original Trick

Air BackTap

An original trick by The Troposphere

3-Finger Double Charge

If you know the Charge, it's easy

BackAround + Fingerless TA

Medium Combo

6 Spins, 2160 Degrees

ThumbAround Reverse + Neo-Sonic X3. This is similar to the Tornado (i.e. ThumbAround + Index Spin)

4.0 Normal ThumbSpin

4 spins, 1 push. Technically a ThumbSpin and not a ThumbAround.

ThumbTap + others

Original Trick invented by the Troposphere

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