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The Troposphere Pen Spinning Website (by nhk9) has Relaunched!

The Troposphere is a 1st-generation Pen Spinning website founded back in 2003 by Darren (nhk9 & nhk_9), the initial moderator of the Universal Pen Spinning Board. The Troposphere is one of the original Internet websites on Pen Spinning.

In 2019, The Troposphere was relaunched to increase awareness of this aesthetic hand sport through videos. Here, you will find videos from the archives as well as more recent videos. For the latest videos, visit my YouTube page. Enjoy!

Pen: Zebra 3000*F

Pen Spinning can be done with any pen. I use a pen that requires no modification. Pen Spinning is a beautiful hand sport because it can be done anywhere pens are found.

Photo for your Enjoyment: Kuranda, Queensland, Australia

Extreme Pen Spinning +SLOW MO

Order: Reverse ThumbSpin >> 5x Continuous Original (Weissian) Backarounds

Extreme PS: Impossible Tricks

3 Extreme Combos Order: Continuous Fingerless ThumbSpin 1.5, Neo-Bak Combo, Inverse Sonic Mini Combo

Reverse BackAround

Harmonic FreeStyle

Order: ThumbAround Reverse, Spider Spin, Neo-Bak, Scissor Spin, Half-Tap Harmonic, ThumbSpin 1.5 Harmonic, Backtap Harmonic, Backaround

BakTap Harmonic

First video on the Internet of the BackTap Harmonic move. There's also a video of BakTap Continuous in the "Extreme Pen Videos" section

Charge + ThumbAround + FingerPass + Sonic

Triangle Pass


Fingerless ThumbAround

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